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Thread: 17hmr + 22lr for your 223

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    17hmr + 22lr for your 223

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    Hi lads

    Decided to stop rabbit shooting and concentrate soley on the range foxing and stalking.

    Looking to swap for a heavy barrel 223

    Weihrach hw60j 17hmr with mod and nikko stirling 4-16x44 plus spare mag (mags are 55 each to buy)

    Cz 452 silhouette 22lr with mod and bsa 3.5-10x50 (leupold mk4 rip off) plus 5 and 10 shot magazines
    + any ammunition I have left.
    (Photos will be added tomorrow)

    Looking for a 223 with a tight twist preferably a heavy barrel tikka/steyr/sako

    May consider selling
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    Not a lot of help I know but if you would be interested in splitting I would be very interested in buying the wiehrauch spare magazine.

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    Might be able to sort you out. Im seeing a gun dealer on monday who is going to take two rifles as long as the price is right (for me). If it goes ok ill let you know as I wont sell him the spare mag. :-) drop me a messagr next week and ill let you know

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    I'd be interested in buying either the 10 or 5 shot cz 452 mag (if you sell the rifle with the other one?)
    ​PM sent

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