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Thread: .22 BSA Super 10 FAC

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    .22 BSA Super 10 FAC

    Evening all,

    just wondered how much one of the above would cost roughly and if anyone has one tat wold be willing to sell?

    ​ATB Tarkan

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    there is one for sale on the hunting life forum

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    16 on Guntrader at the moment...: Gun Search Results[NewType][]=Air%20Rifle&Filter[NewMechanism][]=Pre-charged%20Pneumatic&Filter[Calibre][]=.22&Filter[Make][]=BSA&Filter[Model][]=Super%2010&Filter[Model][]=Super%2010%20Carbine&Filter[Model][]=Super%2010%20Walnut%20LH&Filter[Model][]=Super10


    Great bit of kit - can't see me ever parting with mine!!
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    I bought one from The Shooting Centre in Bromsgrove at the start of the year and paid £295.00 delivered to RFD for it, it was a mark 2. The RFD I had it sent to was John Bowkett, I paid £200.00 (ish) for his blueprint service, including barrel threading and one of John's purpose built FAC Reg's (the standard reg is the same as the sub 12 running on its absolute limit and can cause problems). I can't comment on the gun beforehand but I had a sub 12 done previously and it really improved the already good gun.

    I picked the gun up a couple of weeks later and for £495.00 i had a very, very good tuned air rifle. As I. Farticus said its a great bit of kit, mine gives 36 very consistent shots with AA field at 905 - 915 FPS, so around 29.5-30 ft/lb, it does 32.5 with bismags. In terms of accuracy with AA field I can cover a 10 shot group form 50 yards with a penny, so no complaints there.

    My advice would be do the same pick up a cheap second hand one and get it blueprinted, John Bowkett gives a lifetime warranty on his work too. I wouldn't personally pay more than £350.00 for one with a mk 2 stock, they come up around this price quite a lot. If you want a mk3 stock you will need to pay more as the stocks alone go for £100-135.00 when they come up which they don't very often (there are a lot of mk 1 & 2 supertens out there wearing mk3 stocks). Also avoid the early round ended bottles, they have been condemned by BSA and should you decide to sell the rifle it will make it harder to move on, unless you purchase the newer type. If you manage to find one that has already been blueprinted expect to pay £75.00-100ish more than a standard one and make sure it comes with the paperwork.

    In terms of upgrades, the only one I have planned for mine is a Dr. Bob's quickfill which will increase the shot count and eliminate the one thing I don't like, the filling process.

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