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Thread: this weekends bucks

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    this weekends bucks

    hello just thought id put this weekends stalks on.
    It all started saturday morning. up at 3.30 after about 30 min sleep and off to meet up with a friend and my dad to try catch up with a couple of cull bucks making a mess of the young trees on some local land. saturday morning was perfect conditions for a change, a nice light breese blowing in the correct direction and perfect blue sky. i sent my dad into the main wood to sit up a high seat and i was to take my friend for a stalk on the open field. we found a cull buck out in the open and
    my friend managed to grass him after a little mistake. my dad also was successful with another small buck, with seeing 2 good bucks also i was very pleased.Click image for larger version. 

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    On to sunday morning and a different bit of ground with a friend but this time were shooting. nice blue sky again and a perfect wind. slowly stalking on to large open bank with holds a few deer. out of a green valley between us and the bank a buck and doe walked quite fast across an open field onto the bank. the buck then starts barking, then he settles and starts feeding on a small tree. this gave me a good opportunity to get within range of him. after a tricky barbed wire fence crossing and a 50 yard crawl i got to 205 yard with no chance of getting any closer i had made a choice to shoot. he was broad side for about 5 mins while i sorted myself out and took the shot. he went about 10 yard and fell into brash.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    sunday evening i drove over to another bit of land. this was one of those nights when all didnt go to plan. i had planned to stalk a heather, beech edge of the moor. i was trying my hardest not to make any noise and stalk as slow as possible but it was like walking on egg shells. 15 mins in and the bark rang, a doe made its way across my path 40 yards away and barked its head off. at this point my head was gone and i decided to just walk the edge trying to estimate the amount of deer using the tracks, then onto the mornings stalk to see where the deer had been feeding.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	28734 3.30 up and down onto the land. i say at this point i have had a boggy buck which lives near to the keepers house seen him for 3 years now we call him dave. I drive past him 5 or 6 times a year but never get onto him when stalking anyway today was the day. after stalking his usual patch i past into a old cover crop which looks great for deer but ive never seen one in 4 years there. glassing the edge i see what looks like a dark pheasant but then turns out to be dave. he walk directly away from me browsing on the edge not offering a shot, i barked hoping to turn him but no just as i think the chance has past he turned . shot rang out and he dropped to the shot. i will miss the challenge of this deer
    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	28737 I carry on stalking down the valley and come across a doe with 2 followers not 10 yards away. i let them get to 40 yards away and notice this poor buck. he walked out about 50 yards away and presented a perfect shot. Click image for larger version. 

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    great weekend and nice to clear up some poor bucks and an old friend.

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    good write up sounds like a great time was had by all

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    Mucked out a few good bucks there mate, nicely done.
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    Well done, well done!
    And some very nice heads, too....
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    Great write up,sounds like a very enjoyable weekend...

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