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Thread: cleaning a 17 hmr

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    cleaning a 17 hmr

    Hi All, what is the best option to clean a 17hmr? rod or bore snake thanks Dean

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    Tipton rod every couple of hundred shots but I clean the mod out after every outing because it get damp inside,
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    And get a rod guide and some copper solvent. I always brushed mine out with a conventional solvent after the copper clean...

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    hi there, i found it hard to, normal rods are very tight, so i brought a hoppes 9 bore snake but agian that is very tight to pull through, im taking it back to the gun shop to check its the correct one in the box.
    good luck

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    where the best place to buy tipton rods from, sorry im sure some asked this a few weeks ago

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    Not again!

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    bore snake every time, for ease of use.

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    BTW ProShot stainless steel rods are quite good as well but I prefer a Tipton...
    I got my Tiptons from Norman Clark, Rugby.

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    got a hoppes rimfire kit today but the rods very tight, will have to order a bore snake seams the best option, thanks for all the replies

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    well hoppes bore snake arrived today, just cleaned the 17hmr with it took ages to get it to pull through tight or what, still got the string marks on fingers but the bore is spotless now

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