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Thread: a good jacket but not camo?

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    a good jacket but not camo?

    Hi guys

    I already have a camo jacket and trousers for stalking, but I want to get a one colour jacket and trousers that is a bit smarter and can be worn out when not after deer.

    My ideal jacket should be wind and water proof but light weight and of course quiet. I apthought of deefhuner and hakila as possibilites but are there any others I should put on my list.

    I have not got much experience of the different brands but would like to buy once rather than making a mistake and having to buy again a short while later. brands to avoid would also be very useful.

    Any help appreciated.



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    Avoid list unfortunatley is huge , but for me jack pyke . Utter utter crap

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    take a look at the swazi wapiti seems to tick all your boxes not sure but think they have a good offer on them

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    many thanks for the reply. I was afraid that the 'to avoid' list might be a long one but thanks for the Swazi recommendation, I will look into them.


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    I have a Musto Highlands jacket - not cheap but it is my second one and the last one lasted over 10 years of regular wear. Great jacket, good hood, waterproof and well designed plus it is smart enough to wear out. I would recommend it and will certainly buy another one if I ever wear the current one out.
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    The Ridgeline Mallard isn't a bad buy, quite cheap really.
    The plain green one is a bit Robin Hood-ish but as I say, it's a good price.
    Get the extra large if you are any size at all.

    I just wish they wouldn't put a fairsized "Ridgeline" badge thing on their stuff.
    Strangely...the jacket in the picture doesn't have one...hmmm

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    Fjallraven Nordli hooded jacket and trousers for summer use and Haggarts +4's and Nomad jacket for winter.

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    I have the deerhunter ram reversible. Realtree on inside plain green outside. Have had i for years and its everything i have wanted it to be. It is morre lightweight than the standard ram jacket imo but has still seen me through the roughest of weather. I use it for wearing everywhere as it is more " presentable" than a camo jacket and can probably count on one hand the amount of times ive actually worn it camo side out.

    Regards pete

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    Kammo, a really good coat and trouser, and they do a plain green.
    Might be worth a look?

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