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    Am looking for a bit of feedback. I am v interested in getting a GWP bitch from Mustwork....have any forum members had dealings or have a dog from them ? I have spoken on the phone and as far as I am concerned they appear spot on and genuinely want their dogs to go to appropriate homes but any other feedback wil be gratefully received.

    ​Thanks in advance.

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    I have only heard good things about Mustwork. They are very particular about where their dogs go. The only involvement I have had personally was when I took on an elderly GWP which was in need of rehoming due to no fault of it's own. Even although it was not one of their own I was still thoroughly vetted before I was given the dog. Hope this helps.


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    If I were looking for another GWP, it'd be a Mustwork or a Trudvang one. A lot of the other kennels seem to be well into their showing.
    The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.

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    You wont go far wrong with a mustwork GWP. They are members on here too.

    They breed some nice dogs that do what they are meant to in the field.
    Specialist boarding for working dogs in Staffordshire.
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    Get one, you won't go wrong there. My dog is from them and he is just the job for me. Have a look in my gallery to see their type of dog if you like. The best thing about mine is his temprament-very laid back but confident at the same time. Their dogs are big and strong and more than capable of deer work.

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    +1 benc
    I have a mustwork GWP. He (Ruudi) is a cracking dog, strong as an ox, biddable, works fantastically, he is a big en, tracking I use him for tracking on foxes and deer and he excels at both of these, he is up for it in his own strong silent / quiet way he is as sound as a pound and he has turned out to be really good companion.

    His dad (sire) is Reggie and the Dam is Billie on their website and he is the spitting image of him.

    Have just been out with him now on a simulated track onto a muntjac skin with a little blood trail at dusk on a decent bit of ground, he strolled it, he loves being out tracking, he learns something else every time.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending one of Lisa's pups, going on what I have, you may have to wait awhile for a litter but it is worth it

    Looks like your not too far from me, I get down that neck of the woods regularly you can see him for yourself

    Drop me a pm

    Good luck

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    Got a Mustwork pup this year, very good pups. Lisa knows her stuff.


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    love to see some pics of dogs bought from here am looking myself to buy in the near future

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    Many thanks for your honest feedback, it looks like a no brainer. Lisa if you happen to be looking at these threads you should quite rightly be chuffed.

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    Here is my pup at 8 weeks, alot rougher coated now

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