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    Suzuki Jimny

    Hi All,

    I have been thinking of getting rid of my Volvo and getting a run around for me and the dogs.
    running 2 x2l cars is just getting too expensive (the volvo does around 25 per gallon if i try not to let the turbo cut in)
    I've been toying with the idea of a Jimny and i've just had a mate email me sayin that he's thinking of selling his. W reg 75,000miles, dark green not the convertable model.
    What is it worth? it looks really tidy and he's a sound bloke.
    It would be used for running back and too from work (2 miles away) the odd run into town (10 miles away) and shoot days with a bit of lampingIf I need to go any further i've got the missus car.

    Any ideas what I should offer him if i like it?


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    hi mate u can pick tidy 1s up 4 around 1000 but if sending that much have a look at the subaru legacy ideal dog cars and engines are soild

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    my mate uses one to get him around picking up. He never gets stuck and sails past some of the bigger 4x4. Apparently they are a lot stronger than the Vitara.

    I wish they made them big enough for me to fit in.


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    ezzy sold one same reg about 4 mths ago for 2000 pounds
    done about 40 ,000 miles
    fantastic off road good all round shooting vechile
    dont expect more than 25 to the gallon though if that
    hope this helps pete .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roedinator
    ezzy sold one same reg about 4 mths ago for 2000 pounds
    done about 40 ,000 miles
    fantastic off road good all round shooting vechile
    dont expect more than 25 to the gallon though if that
    hope this helps pete .
    I part ex'd a 52 plate Jimny with 50000 on the clock in January. I only got 2K for that against a new one. The one above must have had something wrong with it if it was only giving 25MPG, I'm getting 38 from the new one. Good "little" offroader, well pleased with it
    Only problems I had with my old one were the king-pins don't last very long, oh and it did have a habit of temporarily cutting out at 70'ish on motorways.
    Cheers, Pete.

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    great motors especially off road would go places in 2wd that my navara wouldnt look at in 4 low. the only drawbacks are lack of room(we used to take the back seats out completely) and 30mpg i get the same mpg with my 2.5td as the jimny. my brother and dad still run them and all the suzukis (must be in the teens now between the 3 of us) we've had have been the same low mpg, think low geared sow rev high to cope wi small engine. can generally pickm one up spanking for 7k if you shop around. the last 4 or 5 have all been jist below 7k pre reg.

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    Boy are you in for a disapointing ride after swapping from a volvo!

    You, the dog and a rifle and it's full. Tiny inside.

    Look for the estate version (long wheel base) Shogun (pajero) Pinin. It's the baby shogun whith all the capability of the Jimny and more, b ut much more room in back for carcasses, dogs, etc.

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    I recently travelled in a Jimny with a friend from Accurate Reloaders to a long range shoot in Scotland, I had not been in one before & was a little concerned, however, apart from the obvious small size, what a surprise, travel time from Chester was Tardis like, fuel economy very very good Pete wouldn't take any fuel money! my only complaint was due to the very short wheelbase, potholed tracks were a nightmare as the little car was still oscillating from the pothole you hit first , when we got up the track & left the hard stuff behind it gave us another surprise, wet grass inclined severely no problem! even with fairly worn road tyres, would I have one?, Yes & I am a lifelong Land rover man! Steve.

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    Mine does me OK for a "One Man" shooting vehicle. It will take 2 Fallow easily, and as many roe as I ve ever had in one outing.

    I agree about the fuel consumption, and road noise with Mud Terrain tyres; allied to transmission whine does not lend itself to long distance motoring, but offroad it is brilliant, and it will go places where Landies fear to tread.

    Next move is to put in 2 stanchions at the back to support the gantry, as at the moment it is clamped onto the roof rails that only have 2 x 6mm bolts as attachments. I have tested the gantry for 100 Kgs , no problem, but ...... better safe than trying to sort it all out when it fails with a Fallow Buck dangling on it.


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