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    I was wondering if anyone has a satmap 10 and how the get on with it. I had a look at one in a shop and the salesmen was showing me every thing it can do looks very good he even dropped it off the floor and still worked .
    Thanks lyon.

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    I have had one since their inception, the simplest ideas are the best, a colour o.s. map you can do anything with, except fold it! they give a base map, to add to that you can buy map sd chips, even had one made site centred!, electronic compass, local to your position times of dawn / dusk, elevation, etc, etc, I still take a compass & cut down paper map though! now they are p.c. enabled for updates & anything else you want to load up or down, best batteries are the new Lithium NON-RECHARGE jobs, the recharge packs, (I've had two) can be a pain & mine had issues with the unit crashing while using them. Don't know if you can still get a discount if you can give a H.M. forces number. Steve.

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    The oregon 550 from Garmin is a much better produce especially if you use Memory Map software. It can take photos and geo tag the data from the photo location! Just imagine how good that would be for cull records!

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    do you have the Garmin?, Steve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    do you have the Garmin?, Steve.
    No Its on my Christmas list! I am sure it would be on " Steve's" to!

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    Be interested to hear your views once you get one, maybe we could compare notes? 8)

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    Just found out Memory Map will not display but you can still plot routes way points etc

    Looks like I will have to try the Discoverer maps!

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    Re: Satmap

    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    Thats right! I have the whole of the UK on Memory Map!

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    Sat map , great idea, sadly I don't think it delivers, eats batteries and will crash if you have too much info on it.

    Have gone back to my old garmin and a os map

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