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Thread: late casting

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    late casting

    Wondering what's the latest anyone has seen red stags cast their antlers ?
    I was out this morning while I was watching a number of stags in regrowth some which were well advanced , a bloody humongous stag stepped out fully antlered, at first I thought it was a big malform that has a fair size rack which is always last to cast.
    It was a crappy morning pissing it down and hard to make out at distance through the bins, although I did get him on film which confirmed when veiwed that it wasn't the malform.
    Never had one cast this late round here, any thoughts ? DF

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    Don't know what's normal for your area , but here stags start to cast from late March , I usually see the first around the 23rd and its the mature stags that are first to cast, quite normal to see young stags that have stil to cast in late May here, more to do with the age of the stag than the size of the antlers.

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