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Thread: Cz 527 lux stock help

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    Cz 527 lux stock help

    so I Am on the hunt for a new stock for my Hornet but got to do some More saving. In the mean time is there a way to adapt my current stock. My problem is the drop at the butt end and not getting a good and comfortable cheek rest to allow a good sight.

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    I would be interested in making you an oil finished walnut comb raiser if you wish? I have a few 527 lux stocks so it should be easy to create a matching fit.

    I've got a lot of work on now, so it wouldn't be next week, but it might be something very special if you have some time.

    If you 'are', then pm me your budget and we can see if something can be worked out.

    best regards,

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    HI i have a CZ527 in 223 i use a rifle butt pad with cheek pad and ammo pouchit velcros to the but and gives i would say an extra 5 mm plus padding on the check. They sell them on Ebay if you want any further details let me know..


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