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Thread: Unusual liver?

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    Unusual liver?

    I was preparing a fallow doe liver for a liver pâté and there are some strange bits I am not sure about. Some of the liver had hard lumps, a out fingernail size. On cutting them open I could squeeze out the contents which were like a dark fudge in consistency. The liver was also full of clean holes. Is this normal?
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    Hi Wilf,

    Fallow are not my usual quarry but that doesn't look right to me. Was the deer otherwise healthy? How was the rest of the pluck/gralloch?

    IMO avoid.

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    The rest of the animal was fine with no signs of illness

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    Looks like chronic fluke damage. Picture 2 looks quite normal. You do have large blood vessels in the liver and bile ducts that give holes. As there is increased scarring you could postulate increased vascular resistance and those vessels dilating.

    Bin the liver. Eat the rest. Make pate another day.

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    Agreed , photo 1, 4 is typical of fluke. 2 & 3 do look relatively normal. This is the liver trying to repair itself

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    100% liver fluke pal
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    down my way two years ago neally all my fallow had fluke, often finding the flatworms in the ducts last year wasnt so bad about 50% heres wondering what august will bring.

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    Thanks for the replies. It went in the bin.

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