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Thread: Galvanised run panels

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    Galvanised run panels

    Where do you guys buy your panels from ? The place that used to do them local no longer does, if anyone knows somewhere near Bridgend South Wales that does them then let me know

    Also been looking online, Reeves looks the cheapest I think, where do you guys get yours ? cheers

    Also picking up one of these kennels

    Is the large the right size for a lab ? I also have the intention of adding another dog, either springer or another lab in the future when she's a bit calmer Would it be ok or better with an XL ?

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    Sorry mate but they don't look particularly good. The prob is that the wind / rain will howl through that. The dog can't escape the elements and won't be able to get warm.

    You'll need to get some carpetting or something and make a screen type barrier that the dog can push through yet will stop the wind and rain from entering. I noted they sell a flap as an extra but can't find a pic to see if its' any good.

    P.s. Contact me the next time you have 80 plus postage and i'll make you a lovely kennel.

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    There's a screen/barrier that you buy with it that covers the door so stops the wind n rain getting in, also an internal board so the dog goes through the door and round a corner and sleeps in half, much cosier and no wind or rain can get in

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    I made a sleeping box like you have bought. I line the walls floor and roof with 50mm jablite. if it has the partition wall in it you should not get any draft or rain in the sleeping part. I had 3mm plastic curtains on mine but the dogs just ripped them to pieces. The problem is that when it rains they walk the wet into the box. I don't use beding in my kennels and it gets to -20 here in the winter, they do have heated water bowls though.
    Picture of my set up made it all myself.

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    Mint setup mate 8) I only have 1 lab, + prob one of her pups when she's older so 2 at most!

    Im currently looking at something like this as an option

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    I would not get a wooden kennel. They absorb urine and end up stinking to high heaven. Plus the urine rotts them or makes them easier for your dogs to rip to pieces.

    Boarding kennels etc are not allowed to have wood kennels as they harbour disease.

    I have a block of 4 kennels in the garden made by this company

    They are GRP and mesh so cannot rott or absorb smell and have three breeze block kennels in a barn with panel fronts and home made ply sleeping boxes but all the edges of the ply are protected with aluminium channeling.


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    his is what i hav in my garden

    and also another kennel block at the OH'S parents place, as our garden is not big enough for all our dogs, we hav a few between us
    the one thing i believe in most, is house training
    that way you never hav probs with the dogs peeing or anything else in the kennel
    cos dog pee rots, and that includes metal aswell

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    How much did that bad boy set you back Stone ?

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    About 1300
    that includes the concrete base, galvenised panels and doors from doghealth
    the wooden shiplap sides kennel and shelf made of Plywood for the dogs to sleep in and on top of ,
    roof felt and lighting for the kennels
    and 3x2 timber and bolts/screws
    hanging baskets were donated by the mother in-law
    and water bowls from tesco's 1.50
    labour costs were the killer
    as i did it all myself
    3 years ago

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