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Thread: Tikka T3 Tactical rifle .308

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    Tikka T3 Tactical rifle .308

    Time has come to part with one of my beloved toys - everything 30 cal related will go also

    Tikka T3 Tactical .308 Bolt action rifle
    Manganese- Phosphatized 20" barrel 1:11 twist
    T3 Tac Rifle manual
    Adjustable cheek piece
    Picatinny Rail - factory installed
    Breech Safety flag
    Light 1LB Trigger spring installed (original spring supplied also)
    Sako TRG \ Tikka Muzzle Brake
    5 shot magazine
    105 x 7.62 MEN rounds
    2 x .308 MTM ammo cases
    .30 cal bore snake un-used
    Delrin Tikka .30 Cal bore guide
    Flambeau single Hard case
    .30 cal cleaning patches, 3/4 bag full
    bore tech industries .30 cal jag (tip only I need to keep rod for time being)

    Round count (330 total)

    Barrel broken in with Norma 308 factory ammo, cleaned after every shot for 20 shots.
    2 x stalking trips = 15 shots fired total using same Norma 308 factory ammo
    Then afterward total shot count = Approx 295 x 7.62 MEN ammo for target paper punching

    After every outing I use RG1 carbon cleaner & RG12 copper remover , then Hoppes bore foam for a second cleaning session. Barrel is internally oiled afterward and cleaned before use.

    (The Schmidt PMII 5-25x56 may be for up for sale next or I may do a deal on both together)

    Rifle on its own with accessories listed above 1000

    Located in Leicester J21 of M1 \ top of M69

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    Certainly has the juices flowing!That is one nice piece of kit!

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    just to clarify, barrel is factory screw cut to m18x1 to accept moderator \ muzzle brake

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    another gun porn photo to dribble over !

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    nice rifles i had one , my pals called it the asbo due to the directional muzzel brake loud but works to stop flip on that short barrel good luck with sale

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    Nice looking gun. Tempted, but already have a nice 308. Good luck with the sale.

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