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Thread: Vizsla pup

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    Vizsla pup

    just missed out on BigLads litter so I have trawled around and found a really good working litter on the south coast.

    After the breeder I have the pick out of 5 bitch's. Travelling down in 3 weeks to test them and pick on up.

    Quite excited


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    Try here for HWV

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    thanks for the link. One to barein mind for the future. I called them but they could not help me out.



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    vizsla pup

    Hi all my mate whose dog i used duncan thomas has a litter of wires on any one whants is no give me PM cheers all...... i also have 1 dog pup left hes a stunner

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    Ian is this the place your going?

    Would be interested to know more about them. are they expensive?
    I will be looking to get one in a few years

    Post up or PM when you've been.


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    no, its not them. I am buying a pup from some people who are doing quite well in trials at the moment and have brought thier lines in from Hungary.

    They are really switched on and helpfull. It is a fair old treck for the dog from Yorkshire to the south coast but I have never been afraid to travel for the right dog.


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    Hi Ian
    (Travelling down in 3 weeks to test them and pick one up.)
    What would you be looking for?
    I might be getting a pup in a month or so. Never had one before so any info appreciated.

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    I think each dog trainer has a different set of tests. I have heard of some trialling people scruffing dogs and then seeing how quick they recover from the trauma.

    I don't have any complicated tests but I will rule out any that are hanging back, not keen on interaction with me. Not keen to play or retrieve.

    I always like to see pups when they are hungry and will ask then breeder not to feed them before I arrive.

    I have another test that I do but I will talk about that after I have got my pup.

    As a breeder myslef I pride myself on not training my pups to pass tests.

    A lot of police dog handlers or those engaged in police/protection type sports will assess puppies using something called the Volhard Puppy test.

    A lot of breeders will actually train thier puppies to pass the Volhard puppy test.

    I used to do everything except things contained in that test so that when people looked at my pups they saw what was naturally present in the dog.


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    wire haired vizsla

    Go for one with a good coat not these smooth with a bit of beard fancy dogs some of them are breeding for shows.

    regards Steve

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    Ian and Steve
    Sorry I didn't reply earlier, Been out looking for a Fallow buck straight from work. (No luck). Only a fox about 20 yards from me.
    Thanks for the info. I will have to get my face into some paperbacks and web sites and do some swatting.

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