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Thread: rockgods first stag

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    rockgods first stag

    Hi all been upto scotland clearing up some rabbits i phone rockgod to see if he wanted to come for a day of two stalking and this was the outcome i will let him tell you the full story[img][/img]

    a good venison stag.

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    1st Red Stag

    O/k Gadget.........that didn't take u long........only back an hour or so from the land of the sticky up bits that's ruled by the porridge gobblers and your posting !

    Absolutely no disrespect to brother Celts !.....porridge gobblers etc !

    I promise to tell the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth (and if u lot think I'm going to ruin a damn good story by tellin the whole truth then think again brothers !)

    Sit back....relax....put your feet up....get the wife to blow you a kiss whilst u sup a nice cold can of the amber nectar........

    Twas the night before that's the other story I'll tell another day!

    Twas a day this last week, in a land far away...

    I went thumper bashing with a coupla welshmen (gadget is actually a yorkey boy but with his credentials could easily pass for a celt

    Dragging me to one side, out of earshot of the lurchers, he says to me "here Taffy boyo fancy a deer on the side so to speak.

    At this point I thought he was about to take me up to Peterhead to meet a fish wife !

    I replied "yeh.... o/k gadget I'm game". (I even put my best pants an shirt on) Gadget sais to me "stick the 243 in the disco an we'll be away in 10 mins (Thought to myself.....I wanted to kiss a fish wife ...not shoot one) Then again I thought that we were takin the guns for self defence ! Been to Peterhead before (Long a time long ago...before the A90 was built anyway !

    Back to the story...........

    In the Dee valley (Gadget swore me to secrecy on my mothers life (Mum died 4 years back by the way...isn't he the twit !) not to tell the exact location but it was at least 20 miles from Ballater.

    Stalked the woodside area...seein wot was about ...Just a casual walk really...didn't even chamber a round (didn't know how to but too embarrassed to say so !). Gadget sais to me in a Yorkie accent "I think we'll move off the wood and head for another location just across the road"

    Relocated stalkin big style...callin up roe bucks on the buttalo an the little beggers were callin back sayin " no way GADGET do u think we're thick or what ! Moved on....light fading fast...last chance saloon.

    Came across red slots ..enough to justify continuing the stalk.....crossed a field of kale but no signs of 'serious' deer damage...but enough. Crossed to another field ....Gadget pressed me down with hand signals....and mouthed "5 red stags...bottom of field"...time started to slow down..light now seriously fading...Gadget glassed again and put the sticks up ....."the one on the far left" he mouthed....put the SAKO 85 on the sticks and could barely make the target even through the S and B 8x56 hungarian (Gadget will tell u that I thought they were 5 Aberdeen Angus but that's another story !).....drew breath...controlled the breathing...sighted the fore leg...came up to mid point in the chest cavity...time stood still...milliseconds passed...squeezed the trigger........................................... .................................................. ................

    Robert the red rocked on his legs and collapsed...stoned dead...a clean venison damage.

    He didn't join the other guys for breakfast.

    Tks Gadget...........1st Red...not a brill head but then again you can't have everything your own way !

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    Excellent write up, even though it has a different twist at the beginning!!
    Mrs basil has family in Scotland, so when we are there in the future i`ll have to book a stalk for a red deer.
    Your adrenaline won`t settle for a week so enjoy the moment.

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    Congratulations on your first red, well done. I read your account with interest as will, hopefully, many others. I do not want to spoil the moment for you but I feel I must say that I am not in full agreement with some of the vocabulary that you have chosen.

    This site is read by a great many people including a lot of youngsters, want they want to read about is the stalk, the way it was conducted, the calibre etc. They do not want to have to wade through a lot of obscenities to get to the meat of the story. If the story is being relayed to a group of men in a bar then the content could be adjusted accordingly, but under these conditions I do feel that the language needs to be more acceptable to all.

    I am sorry if I come across as a kill joy but I believe that standards have to be maintained.


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    Apologies Admin team,

    The text has been edited and the ble bits removed.

    I will try to be a bit better behaved next time.


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