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Thread: Anyone know anything about caravans?

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    Anyone know anything about caravans?

    We have bought a new Caravan to replace the old one on our Stalking ground. It has a Truma Gas/240v water heater in it. Does anyone know how to get it working from the Gas supply? Scratched our heads for days now and no wiser.


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    Have you tried looking on the website?
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    yorkie, please get it looked at by some one in the know it dont matter what it costs, years ago i lost a good mate in a caravan with a badly fitted heater. all best john

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    There will be an on/off tap in the gas line...worth a check. Trace back from the gas bottle

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    deadly if not fixed by a van gas fitter pay the price or rip it out and get a camping cooker and a gas baby berco . as per JSW old pale on our fishing lake nr poped his clogs due to c02 leaking but he was found in time. so we all chipped in and done as i stated above .

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    Wise words about getting it checked out before we use it lads thanks. We always have CO Detectors/Alarms as a back up too.
    Everything i have looked at including the link from 8x57(thank you) show a control dial which we cannot find anywhere. The gas tap is marked and is under the sink. It works fine on 240v but just no way to get the Gas going. Incidently the van is an Avondale Argente 642-4. They have ceased trading.
    Thanks for your help.

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