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Thread: A morning with Wayne....

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    A morning with Wayne....

    After a phone call last week a plan was hatched that saw me getting up at 02.30 and at Wayne's for 03.30......................... gear in the truck and off for the drive down to his roe ground. Wayne had his rifle with him as he wanted to look for 'him' ( you will know who 'him' is if you read Wildboar1973 write up for last week).
    40min later saw us heading up a rough track to one part of the farm slowly glassing in the half light as we went. Up to one gateway to check a hay meadow, nothing. As we were reversing back I spotted a shape down the hedge just inside the field some 100m away. Bins up and a doe was out mouching about, so we drove down the road and parked up just past the field. When we pulled off the track into the yard we spotted another 2 deer in the field opposite. So quietly got out of the truck and kit ready and off to the gateway, a buck and doe were in the field but the buck got spooked by something and was off through the hedge, the doe just mouched off to the bottom of the field. Still early said Wayne, he will be back later.
    So off down the track to see if 'he' was out of the seclusion of his garden sacntury........... but no 'he' wasn't having anything of it, so off into another hay meadow to see what was about,got to a dividing hedge which was made up of a few hawthorn bushes and barbed wire, we looked over the gate and Wayne spotted a doe just out from the hedge and see saw us and walked out a few more meters in the grass, then a good looking 6 point buck came out from the hedge close behind her. Then the 2 took off across the field and over the brow to the wood edge. He was a good tall buck but a little 'light' so in a couple of years he will be an impressive boy indeed.
    So we headed back to the truck to glass the fields where we saw the first buck, nothing showing so up th etrack to a gap where we could get through, typically as you are trying to get through guess what should be standing 80m up the field, yep, another great looking 6 pionter, so over the wire and by the time I got down he was at the far side around 170m by the far hedge and stone wall. He now was heading down the hedge towards the wood edge. So off across the field to see if we could intercept him as he headed to the wood in the dip. He wasn't stopping and went into the wood. yet another good buck with a lot of promise to make another large head. Back to the truck spotting another 2 does on the way back.
    So we drove down the track just to see if 'he' was out by any chance............................................ .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ................
    I will leave Wayne to tell his part of the story.........

    We next headed to Wayne's other patch of roe heaven, glassing small hay meadows which had roe supermarket written all over them but with a cold wind for June and what felt like sea mist rolling in the deer were not out feeding apart from one loan doe in a sheltered feild. On ethe way back we saw a Muntjac doe in exactly the same place Wayne and Michael saw them last week. I managed to get a short video of the doe and fawn before they dissapeared under a bush....

    We then headed for another patch which consisted of a couple of hay fields bordered on one side by a large beach wood( over the boundary ) and a road which we came in off. AS soon as we got out we spotted a doe along the hedge we were going to go up to get around the wind. She must of read the plan as she headed of into the direction of the wood so we could continue to stalk along the wood edge. Then another young doe was heading right for us down the wood edge but she spotted us and went into the next field but still going along the wood edge. By this time she turned and came towards us again with not a care in the world so we cut up accorss the field so she would double back behind us but as she turned and went up the far hedge we spotted a buck up from her.
    Wayne said for me to stay in the long grass and he would go around so the buck and doe would spot him and move back around in front of me. The plan worked and she saw Wayne and was a bit wary but not overly concernd. The buck another nice 6 pointer didn't really give a toss as he was busy feeding and keeping an eye on her, they were casing each other around after the initial sighting of the pair.
    By this time the doe had moved directly in front of me no more than 20m, the buck was still around 40m to my 10 o'clock postion. The doe then made out what this thing was sitting in her field so off she went to my right and off he went following her. I turned and shouted at him, then he stopped to look back and turned broadside around 120m. The 30-06 cracked and down he went(not the best shot placement I have ever made a bit too high).
    Over the rise came Wayne and we headed off the collect another great looking buck. A cracking head for a young animal. With both deer sorted and photo's taken we headed back for the 40min drive home.

    Once again the 'Ninja' done good.

    Wayne thanks a lot mate for a great trip out and the weather was a lot better than in previous outings together....................................... oh and less midges

    Now roll on the rut mate got a couple with your name on.


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    Nice write up and cracking head.

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    well done lads

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    Quote Originally Posted by 243varmint View Post
    The plan worked and she saw Wayne and was a bit wary but not overly concernd.

    Just goes to show that Darwin's theory of evolution is rubbish - how any deer could see Wayne and not be overly concerned defies belief

    Thats a nice looking buck and sounds like a great morning for the pair of you, we'll done both

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    HI Jon

    It was good to repay your kindness and nice to see so many bucks about even after "Michael the roebuck slayer" had visited

    I posted my buck in the "how old is this buck" thread but I'll add a photo of him here as well.

    He was feeding in the field I took the video a few weeks ago and I shot him at about 30 yards.

    He was in poor condition with broken ribs that had healed but still had a limp, he was blind in the eye on the same side and hadn't removed the velvet off the antler on the same side ( should have named him lucky )

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    Poor bugger proper mercy killing that one.

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    Hello Jon,

    Nice write up and well done!! Nice vid of the munty too, I watched one last year in a stubble field and the fawn was barely above it

    Pm me your number again, there's hopefully a boar down here with your name on it come autumn time!



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    Hi Jon!
    Great write up, another racking buck on the wall, its just an unbelievable roe place, isnt it?
    When reading your report, I felt almost "home", or like being with you there, stalking the hedges and hay meadows!
    I am still really pleased to get this generousity from Wayne, its one of my hunting highlights (maybe the!....), since 3 season now....
    Atb for you and Wayne, Waidmannsheil again, good luck on your ground, too,

    Cheers Michael, the roe slayer
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Jon really enjoyed the write up mate cracking buck also As you say the ninja strikes again catch up soon
    Regards pete

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