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    FAC Renewal

    I was talking to one of the Farmers who's ground i shoot on, and yesterday he received his FAC renewal from Devon/Cornwall .On it he has all the usual rights regarding ammo and zeroing on ranges, but they have given him an open ticket which is normal and ALQ.Then he has for vermin ,fox and Deer control also for humane Dispatch and then for the protection of Animals or Human life, He only has and has ever had a 22lr and did'nt even know you had to have a larger cal rifle to Shoot Deer, is this a normal thing for D and C to issue?? Or a mistake on their part?

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    It is now going to be normal for everyone to get ALQ. It is the legal bit that is relevant so the clause may state deer but it will still be illegal to shoot deer with a .22lr. It is an FAC holders responsibility to shoot what is legal both as quarry and by season.

    Its good news for all of us really

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    Yes it is getting a bit more sensible now i must agree. It should save a lot of what if can i question to your local Forces .
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