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Thread: anyone have a digital copy of DSC1 OR DSC2"

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    Cool anyone have a digital copy of DSC1 OR DSC2"

    hi guys

    i am going on holiday soon and i am looking for a digital copy for my kindle of dsc1 or 2 for me to study while i am away

    i have not booked a course as yet so dont have any books

    can anyone help or point me in the right direction of someone who can


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    Try the BDS

    good luck DJC

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    DMQ and the Deer Initiative websites used to hold pdf copies of the question banks that you should be able to view on a reader - but that's a bit dry for learning, especially of you don't have the answers. Interactive discs like the BDS will require more processing power I imagine. If you have web access there are a variety of online offerings that will make the learning more interesting (DMQ training, Jelen ILC etc). Just back from abroad myself - and the hotel had free wifi - so worth considering/finding out if where you're going is the same.
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    The CD from BDS includes the manual as a PDF

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    You'll have enough to learn with DSC1, so I'd get through that first before even thinking about DSC2... Some folks recommend at least a couple of years between the 2 anyway, so it's something to consider, unless you've been stalking for many years and will breeze through, in which case smugness is not appropriate!
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    The DSC1 question banks can be downloaded here: DMQ Setting the standard for wild deer management but why not just download a PDF copy of the Best Practice guide? Far easier to read and will stand you in good stead for both DSC1 and DSC2.

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