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Thread: allergic to dogs please help

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    allergic to dogs please help

    Hi all i suffer from ashma, & i'm allergic to most breeds of dog espically lab's & spaniels.
    It wood be a dream to have a companion with me when i'm out stalking or whem i'm just doin my general pest control. I have spent a little time with a Bavarion hound which did'nt seem to bother me but the other two that i mentioned get to me straight away.
    If any body else has got this deffect but have dog's of there own with out suffering could you please let me know. Jack russel's are out of the question to thats why i was wondering if a foreign breed of dog like the bavarion might be all right.
    Cheers for your info

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    The classic dogs for people with allergies are of course poodles, and the cross breed labradoodle (poodle/lab cross) - not sure how good these are as gun/deer dogs though...

    I breed Welsh terriers - only as companion dogs though, so again I've no idea how they would be as gun/deer dogs - they also are good for people with allergies as they don't shed/moult...

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    labs and spaniels shed a lot of coat. I used to have a Welsh Terrier and they don't shed at all and had to learn to hand strip him.

    You need to find breeds that do not shead lots of coat but that you might have to keep up to with grooming. Irish Water Spaniel, Curly Coat Retriever, dogs like that.

    Ideal thing would have been to go to the Midland game fair and go see all the gundog breeds in the tent and have a chat with the owners.


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    I heard that Borders are supposed to be OK. Cracking dogs but don't take my word for the allergy thing, the breed society will probably know.

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    Cheers all hope fully there will be a breed out there, my good mrs said there is one called The American Hair Less Terrair you have to apply sun cream to it in the summer & a jacket to it in the winter months when i googl'ed it up i could'nt help but laugh, if you do have a look you will understand why. Even the deer & fox'es wood laugh at you.

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    poodles, the standard ones, are a very old breed of french hunting dog

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    Look at the Cesky terrier there fur do's not fall outThey do need trimming a couple of times a year. they make a good deer dog.
    My Inca, Nice tracking dog but a misserable old git as well.

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    Looks like a Teckel on steroids

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    People allergic to dogs are not usually allergic to fur but the dog saliva, obviously put on the coat whilst the dog grooms itself.
    this link, tells you about allergies and 'less' allergy causing dogs

    We breed bavarians and they are relatively short coated, don't moult too much but they do moult. Perhaps keeping a dog kennelled and well bathed might help.
    If you want to allergy test yourself with our dogs , feel free (but at your own risk obviously... )

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    Thankyou paint&pins ( Ailson ) i wood like to take you up on your offer, i do beleive that is true about the saliva. There has bin times when i've stroked a dog e.g lab, span etc then touched my face it flairs up but like i mentioed when i have had contact with bavarions it has'nt bothered me at tall.
    I live in South Lancashire were about's is your self. Thank you for your offer.

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