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Thread: Nptc quad bike course, leicester

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    Nptc quad bike course, leicester

    Hi All, does anyone know if there is a quad bike training course being run in leicester, has anyone get the contact details or a link. replies most welcome

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    is there one being run anywere else in the midlands area, or north west

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deanandrew64 View Post
    is there one being run anywere else in the midlands area, or north west
    Check one of these out.

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    thanks for the info, much appreciated

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    Dart at Derby or countryside training and tree management at Stafford both run them

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    Ill ring my local which is rodbaston to see when they are running them and the cost. The NPTC website was quite good but you need to search as putting quod to atv doesn't come up.

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    I did mine local and it wasnt loads of money , think the bloke was from Coalville , they did digger ticket training as well

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    I have priced these up before, and if you have a venue and your own atv and can get 4people together then it can be done very cheaply. I need to do mine and would be willing to ask DART for a price, or if you need a number of people to fill a course I would be interested as well, as often these places will only run them when they have 4people interested.

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    i would be on wanting to put my name up for coming over if someone has a venue ,atb wayne
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    Just out of interest is this because you have or want to apply for FC leases ?

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