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Thread: 3 foxes after the rain

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    3 foxes after the rain

    I went out last night after the rain finished doing its best...
    The first fox showed out of a hedge after a bit of calling but just wandered up and down the headland with the odd look my way
    I kept close to the hedge and used his disinterest to make a bit of ground on him, a few squeaks and he went broadside out around 180 yards. A big heavy fox with a full gut, so that was probably why he was not so keen.
    I left that farm to go home as nothing else showed, not far from home I pulled in a gate way not expecting any thing! A set of eyes set the ball rolling, gun, lamp, sticks, lock the truck!
    That fox dealt with I came back to the truck rather than cross a deep ditch after all this rain which took me about a couple of minutes.
    Force of habit is to scan the field as I was making my way along the headland and a second set gave me a quick glint!
    This vixen came slowly then picked up her pace nearly catching me out so a quick Hey and down went the third fox of the evening..


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    sounds like you had an evening to remember, keep up the good work

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    Good night by the looks of it he looks a grand big lad !

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    nice one feller watch the blood and guts police don't come for you bad boy keep smashing them up

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    Nice shooting mate well done!



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