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Thread: Unicorn ?

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    Unicorn ?

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    Looks like its ok the left as you look at it, and slightly bent in towards the centre. You can just make out a small stump on the right.
    ​Interesting little chap though.

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    wonder what has caused that, did you shoot it? was there any injuries to feet or testicles? keep the great pictures and videos coming through

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    No he is still there with the other 4 bucks that are using that trod.

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    I shot a similar buck many years ago in scotland

    All it's bits were intact,when I skinned the head out, there were no signs of any antler growth where the right hand antler should have been the, skull was smooth, never did find out why.

    Mother nature keeping us on our toes I guess

    Nice find on a camera as well.nice to see natures oddities

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    That's not a unicorn. THIS is what they look like. Well, if you imagine it when it was alive anyway.

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    I currently have one on my ground, i'm not certain if its a 'true unicorn' like yours or if its lost an antler. . . . .Stalked it in the spring and couldnt get a clear shot at it . . .never saw it again for months, thought something had happened to it, but saw it again just a few weeks ago so he's still going strong . . . would be interesting to know if it held him back during the rut.

    Also saw an antlered doe this year as well.

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    never got this one shot he's still out there.

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    With the people around driffield having 6 fingers it was not going to be long before we find deer with uneven number of

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