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Thread: method statements

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    method statements

    hi all,
    just woundering if any has had to wirte a method statement, or if theres a standard template i can use for pest/vermin shooting. I do some rabbit control for a local grower, but to comply with H&S hes asked me to do a method statement.
    as always any help would be great
    many thanks

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    Method statement:

    See rabbit - Point gun - Pull trigger - Bang - One dead rabbit.

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    If you're in BASC, ask them. They certainly have material relating to pheasant shoots.

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    more you add the better it is (in theory)
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    thanks for the info, i will try the BASC

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    What they are probably looking for is your risk assessment, as part of your Method Statement. If you search the threads I posted one I wrote for the FC recently, if not PM me and I'll dig it out.
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    NGO have the parks and thornley one on the members website - it is excellent! Covers stalking, driven, trapping, rabbiting, lamping, shooting near a horse!!! It is fully detailed you just pick out the bits you need.

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    great, thanks for the info, as always its a great help

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    Any chance of a copy of that method statement? Cheers

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    Risk assessment will also be required i expect.

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