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Thread: A Dilemma

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    A Dilemma

    Hi Guys, just looking for some of your thoughts.
    I currently run a couple of ess bitches both very well bred and excellent grafters, have produced exceptional litters, Now my GWP is a strong dog with cracking amount of speed and hunts well, but not I feel good enough, but that's maybe his age and a lack of good opportunities,
    I'm thinking of putting him over one of the spaniels later in the year, I just wondered if anybody had experience of this cross,

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    No experience of this cross and personally would not even consider it but just out of curiosity what would you expect out of the cross?

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    Why would you cross an air scenting dog with a ground scenting flushing dog, as Gazza says what do you think you will produce apart from more mongrels. And yes I have seen same cross, and can clearly say no benefit to either breed. If your Wire is lacking then perhaps more training and or work would do more good.

    ​ Regards WIDU.

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    I've seen GWP ESS crosses before, they tend to be very ugly dogs. I've seen far more GWPs crossed with labs which I could see being a bit of a more desirable cross. Personally, I'd put him to a GWP.
    The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.

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    you see why i said dilemma, it was a consideration not a definate, Im not even sure the gwp is lacking anything to be honest, he tracks and hunts and ive done a lot of training of scent finds and flush, Its just perhaps my mind working overtime, I guess to see a dog like a gwp hunt like a spaniel when on a scent gave a little appeal but point made and appreciate the frankness. Oh hes my very first Gwp hpr of any type always worked spaniels just saw one on a shoot last year working at beating and was very impressed.

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    Its too hit and miss, with many more misses than hits. Stick to the breed when mating to get the best results.

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