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Thread: Stag poachers caught

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    Stag poachers caught

    Todays Oban Times has a report from Fort William sherrif court where 2 men from Ayrshire were caught red handed coming to pick up 2 stags they had shot in Glen Etive at beginnining of month.A local driving by spotted 2 dead stags at side of road at 130am and alerted police and local stalkers and they caught the 2 men returning to pick up beasts,both admitted they had come up to poach and were fined 600 each,FAC,s revoked and all their gear confiscated!

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    That a too bad. Is that a one off or is it common to get to court.

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    Should have been 6000!!
    What about their vehicle?
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    doesnt say anything about vehicle just says rifles and equipment worth 2000 confiscated.Not been too many poaching cases that I can think of up this way recently though about a month ago a 24 year old on Mull was done for shooting a stag with a 30-06 with a house directly behind it though it wasnt hit a neighbour seen the guy taking the shot and he was found guilty after trial,think he was fined 1000 but it didnt say if his Fac was revoked

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    Quote Originally Posted by corky View Post
    doesnt say anything about vehicle
    You wouldn't want it, 'twas a shed.
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    A good result well done to the member of the public and the local stalkers .

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    I wonder if any of the confiscated gear will get on here?

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    Nice for them to do something for a change

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    we are seeinga lot of evidence of poaching on our ground and that of our neighbours. most appears to be out teh pick up window.
    Police interested but never see them about.

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