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Thread: Dsc level 2 award

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    Dsc level 2 award

    Good evening all site members,

    just got back and found my dsc 2 award has arrived, boy.. oh boy I have learned a lot from some very dedicated fellow stalkers on this site

    Having stalked for over 30 years, and thinking, oh I know how to carry that out, and recognise what that is, and what caused it.........wrong. I would recommend to any fellow stalker to undertake the journey to obtaining your level 2, it is not only worth it, but informative, and dare I say a duty to the beast you take of our land

    sincere thanks to Jon Snowdon of Greenlee for his professional help, and guidance when I undertook my level 1, and now my level 2, not forgetting John Campbell-Smith who also provided his time, beasts, and ground for me to stalk and be witnessed on. These two people are just not names, but people who are willing to share their life's experience to others in order that they (the person who they are mentoring/witnessing) will obtain the level 2 award with true credibility

    my sincere thanks to these chaps

    patrickt (DSC level 2 stalker!!!!!!!!!)

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    It's a good feeling to get it out of the way.

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    Congratulations and good job of expressing the otherside of the DSC debate
    Stalking, Courses, Gear - Moray Outfiiting Website here - Welcome
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    See you at the Stalking Fair, Scone & Moy 2017

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    Many thanks for that PB, you are indeed so right!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by verminator69 View Post
    Well done fella.
    Thank you Alan, hope all goes well with JCS, PM sent you


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    Quote Originally Posted by tika.308 View Post
    Well done
    many thanks for your post Tikka.308

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moray Outfitting View Post
    Congratulations and good job of expressing the otherside of the DSC debate
    many thanks for your comments, and yes, there is another side to every hard earned Level 1 & Level 2 provider, I have observed over the duration of my journey to these awards the unstinting work/input you providers put into these courses, we students (even at my old age) truly learn a considerable amount of knowledege we may not otherwise gain.

    I read and research for my work, but there is no Substitute for the years/decades of hands on expereince course providers willing impart to us students in furtherance of our goal to attain Level 1 & level 2, so it is we who should take our hats off to all providers!!! thank you

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    Well done Patrick and a good post too.Nice to see well deserved praise for JCS and Jon Snowdon.

    " not the end of the world, - - but you can see it from here ! "

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