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Thread: Blood tracking

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    Blood tracking

    Simple question:- I have just completed a course to achieve a licence to work my police dog on the street. The tracking we have done using SIAB (scent in a bottle) could you do this with deer blood?

    If you need me explain SIAB I will.

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    Ideally you want the dog to track foot scent, that's always going to be there! I am intrested in the SIAB method, please explain the methods and reasons behind them. Who certifies your course?

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    My course is association of chief police officers ACPO the guidelines for use and licence are set out by them. Every Police dog that works the street GSD, ESS or any other type doing general Police duties catching burglars, riots, finding drugs or bombs has to pass a licence to do his job and every year has to re pass making sure the dog is safe and under handler control. In the case of narcotics and explo thy dog is still accurate on the substances.

    SIAB is using the individual scent of a person. You take a chemical sprayer fill with distiller water (no other scents like chlorine or fluoride) then take a pair of socks or t shirt that's been worn and got really sweaty. Put it in the water and leave to brew over night. You then spray onto the surface you wish to train on. Any surface from concrete to foot high stubble. At first you use a two inch wide jet then narrow it once dog begins to understand and use a continuos line. As the dog progresses you dilute it more and do short bursts leaving less scent, this makes the dog work harder and as you have walked the pattern out and you have left your scent as well as the sprayed pattern dog will eventually just follow the scent of you not the SIAB. Beauty is ill lay for say your dog and you for me. The dog will only follow the first scent that its shown as we will put cross tracks on top at certain points.

    so I was wondering if I did this with the blood would it work. I've watched videos on YouTube and they run blood down the feet on scent shoes and also sporting rifle had that chap Carr with a bucket and sponge on stick dabbing the floor. That's why I wondered if I could adapt the SIAB to blood????

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    Thanks for the reply. Just one more question, what does the test consist of?

    intresting that method uses sweat and water, what about the chemical breakdown of foilage etc? Deer have scent glands inbetween their toes which I'm sure leave sign as they walk. Take a look at one of the various society's test criteria to give you a comparison. Blood is added after the dog has learnt how to track the foot scent.

    I have seen lots of service dogs do some very impressive things starting with a humble tennis ball! I'm not sure how you would do the crossover unless you use blood?

    ​Please keep us informed of your progress.

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    To be fair the test is 45 minute old pattern track laid on football pitch length grass four articles (keys, mobile phone, etc). The length is 600 metres. There is a cross track over one leg that is not the original track layer. If the dog can't complete this without any SIAB after twelve weeks (course length) it fails. Once the dog asses then we just extend the tracks and train on different surfaces ad time lengths dry concrete is the worst and busy city centres. But not impossible, it des depend a lot on the dogs natural ability. My retiring dog was brilliant best I did was 24 hours old on grass. He the one who I want to track deer.

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