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Thread: Double check data please

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    Double check data please

    I have data for reloading barnes polymer tipped tsx 130 gr in .308.
    The data I have using varget is 47gr--52gr max load.Well I got news for someone 50grs of varget is as much thats going in ,and thats compressed ,Have I got the right info please anyone.

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    Whose data are you using, Barnes or Varget? Both should be as close as a close thing in a very close race, assuming same barrel length.

    I very much doubt if a published reload data source is going to open themselves up to a non SAAMI compliance issue.


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    This is Barnes data, 47.5 to 52gr max load has load density of 106%.

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    I reckon the Barnes data is more generous.

    The thing is that the data I've seen is for their non-tipped rounds, with are a good deal shorter than the tipped ones, so you may have a lot less room. Also, different cases have different capacities.

    I'm running with 51.0 grains of AA2460 with the Barnes 130 TSX seated to 2.800" (max load), it's supposed to be less than 100% full, but that's not what I've found!

    I've also been testing with AA2520 and the Barnes 150 Tipped TSX, with 47.0 grains and 48.0 grains, the powder is compressed, though the 150 is a lot longer. I won't be trying any more than 48.0 grains because that's as much powder compression as I'd like! Besides which it's easily a hot enough load. (I'm going to try Viht N140 next as the accuracy wasn't there, but it's unknown territory with Viht)

    I would just say: be careful, work up slowly and if you can't stuff more powder in, stop ! A different brand of case may give more volume, or seat bullets out longer if you've got room in your chamber / magazine.

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    Try a six or eight inch drop tube mate, it'll help the powder pack down better and give you more room in the neck for the bullet.


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    I just had a look on Hodgdon's website and could not find an exact load for your particular bullet, what I found was 130 SPR HP using varget. For this the starting load was 47 grains which gave 2975 fps @ 42900 CUP, the maximum was 50C which gave 3130 fps @ 50400CUP.

    Always use the powder manufacturers data not the bullet manufacturers. It is all on the web you can even download manuals in some cases.


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