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Thread: 10 x 42 scopes - who uses one?

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    10 x 42 scopes - who uses one?

    just put one on my 6.5 x 47l, fantastic bit of kit - i really wonder why they are not more popular?

    a couple of pics (little "offroad gary" looks just like me - dont you think??)

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    been looking for a S&B in 10x42 2nd hand for a while. I've always thought it was the perfect scope for the hill stags and culling hinds at 100-300yds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Offroad Gary View Post
    just put one on my 6.5 x 47l, fantastic bit of kit - i really wonder why they are not more popular?a couple of pics (little "offroad gary" looks just like me - dont you think??)
    Are you just using this post to show off your fab looking rifle???

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    Just thought it might be an interesting topic, scopes seem pretty good, not sure why more dont use them. Also advertises the fact that i can teach an inappropriately dressed 7 year old boy with a bright yellow face to stalk munjcac at this time of year, pretty good eh?

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    I have had a 10x40 Leupold MK4 on my 7mm-08 for about 5 years now. I have a dozen other scopes that I could have fitted but cannot fault the MK4 especially if dialling in.
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    I used a 10x40 M3 leupold on my 308 for years , the 308m(metres) turret matched the 168 ammo i was using spot on and it was hard to beat for hind culling and hill work , i tried the 10x42 pm2 and really liked it but i've ended up with a march on a 260rem for the majority of my hill work and a 4-16 pm2 on the 308 now. ( i still have the M3 and cant bring myself to let it go as it was an early one from when they were better made with better glass)

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    Now now! Don't you know you are not getting the maximum exit pupil blah!blah!blah!
    Then next you willl be all told how it will be crap at low light because of the small obj blah, blah blah, crap!

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    I useD an estates 270 once that was fitted with a s&b 10x42. Seemed an excellent choice for open hill work oron a vermin rifle but I did struggle a bit with it when trying to get a shot at a stag that had got into some regen - we pushed it to the fence line and trying to get a quick close range shot.

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    I used to gary, lol
    glad you like it mate.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    I use same scope on my 6.5x284 stalking rifle, excellent glass and ideal scope for more open ground, though not ideal close up...

    ​Looks the biz now Gary

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