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Thread: SAKO .22rf Finfire

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    SAKO .22rf Finfire

    I know this is in the For Sale thread but there doesn't seem to be a post for Things I Might Sell !!
    I am just testing the water.
    I have a SAKO Finfire with a sporter profile barrel which I hardly use. It has probably had less than 500 rounds though it.
    It is in as new condition, has a ten and five shot magazine, has a moderator and is mounted with a German Schmidt and Bender 6 x 42 scope.
    As I don't use it I was thinking of selling it but would not let it go for less than £750.00.
    Would anybody be interested in this rifle at this price ?

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    Wow ! 94 views and no comment either way from anybody, I am surprised.

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    Go on then I will be first, don't sell it, classic rifle which will always go up in value-love mine to bits, won't cost you money sat in the cabinet and IMHO
    £750 is cheap for the quality, DON'T SELL IT.

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    110 now!

    Might be a bit steep for most, even with the S&B scope on it, so folks must have viewed and move on... I guess anyone interested would've stopped and said so

    Cracking bit of kit mind, and even with a .22 slot, I don't have room in the cabinet, or I'd be trying to negotiate
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    I've a Finn fire and would be reluctant to part with it. Light accurate and reliable. Owned it from new 20 years or so now
    but I also own an Oscar Gregar take down single shot, cased rook rifle rechambered in 22K hornet. I would not sell this one.


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    Willing to split?

    How much for the rifle on its own?

    PM the reply don't want to let the cat out of the bag too early
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    I guessed someone would ask me to split.
    Naturally I would prefer to sell as a complete set but if split comes to shove, I'd have a job to decide what proportion to split it into !!
    I'm in no hurry as it is something I have been thinking about for quite a while and it was a hard decision to make.

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    I would take the 10 round mag off your hands if you wanted? Unless you know of where I can purchase one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Discopete View Post
    I would take the 10 round mag off your hands if you wanted? Unless you know of where I can purchase one?
    I want to sell the complete set together if possible so am in no hurry to split but may consider it in a few months.
    I'm sure you will change your mind about buying one if you find a shop to order one in for you as they are nearly £40.00 each.

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