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Thread: roedale moderator is very load

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    roedale moderator is very load

    i have a roedale mod on a 243 and it is quite a lot loader than other mods. i have added two more baffels but that makes no difference. i have tried different ammo as well to see if that makes a difference.
    my riffle has a m18 thread so would consider a reflex mod if anyone has one for sale!

    Have i got a bad one or are they all quiet a lot loader than other mods.

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    typical roedale rubbish

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    Quote Originally Posted by see it shoot it View Post
    typical roedale rubbish
    i Would have to agree

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    If it is as loud as you say on a standard .243 rifle and the extra modules make no difference, I would suggest you either take it back to where you bought it, there must be some sort of guarantee on it, or get in touch with Roedale direct, I'm sure he will sort something out for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    get a PES

    some bargains to be had too on here

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    Bob, get shot of the Roeale and give Jim Baker a call. He's near Bridgwater and is a bloody good gunsmith who makes his own mods. They're similar in some ways to PES/MAE stainless steel mods but British and better.

    I've got a couple and they're great -very quiet and slim, and literally will last a lifetime without needing to maintain them!
    His website is

    oh and to answer the question, I've compared a roe dale with my JB Marauder mod, and there was no contest, the JB wiped the floor with it!
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    Third Eye Tactical Spartan
    Light, Stripable and quiet
    I have 3...great

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    Are you sure its a .243 mod? what baffle configuration are you using? can you tell me which baffle pattern you have ( check the rear of the baffles, they will either be machined with 4 slots, 3 slots of 2 slots.

    Perception plays an enormous role when it comes to evaluating sound on a personal level.

    When evaluating sound moderators one should be aware of what the product was designed to do.

    The Roedale Delta Ultralight moderator is desgned to perform the following criteria:

    1. to protect your hearing
    2. to be as light as possible whilst remaining robust enough to perform satisfactorily
    3. to withstand the heat and firecutting effects of propellant gasses satisfactorily
    4. to be as compact as possible within the required noise reduction capacity
    5. to be modular and upgradable
    6. to be relatively simple to manufacture on modern cnc machinery
    7. to be affordable

    Without a moderator full-bore rifles give peak sound pressures levels over 150dB(C). Only the
    smaller .22 rimfire will give peak levels below 140dB(C).The peak level under hearing protection ( that is reaching the ear despite ear muff type protection bieng worn)
    could exceed the Noise at Work Regulation’s 200Pa (140dB) Peak Action level as the
    effectiveness of hearing protection worn during firing can be reduced by the recoil and muff

    The Roedale Delta IV Ultralight Moderator consistently reduces the peak noise level to below 137dB(C). With this moderator
    full-bore firearms up to .308winchester and similar can be fired without hearing protection.

    A similar reduction for the immediate vicinity will also be provided. this is additional protection for a stalking dog, or an
    observer without hearing protection.

    A Delta IV will lower the peak sound pressures levels of a .308win / .243win / .260 Rem to around 133-135 dB(C). This is well under the 137 dB(C) level nessecary to achieve hearing protection.
    When you consider the weight. 175g the diameter, 39.7mm and length, 147mm and the fact that the Delta IV has only 4 baffles, then the level of sound reduction is excellent.
    It should be considered for what it is, the smallest lightest full bore moderator providing sufficient hearing protection. It would be unfair to compare it to the likes of a larger and heavier moderator such as a Reflex T8. But thats exaclty what i will do in a moment.

    If you desire more sound reduction it is possible to add additional baffles. Adding 1 standard length baffle will increase sound reduction by around 2 dB to 3dB depending on the length of the rifle barrel, the intensity of the load and atmospheric conditions.

    A Delta VII will reduce the peak sound pressures levels of a .308win / .243win / .260 Rem to around 128 dB(C) -129 dB(C). Thats around the same reduction provided by a Relfex T8.

    When you consider a T8 weighs 640g ( thats 405g more than the Delta VII or nearly 3 times the weight) is 260mm long ( thats around 40mm longer than a Delta VII) and is 50mm in diameter ( thats 10.3mm wider than a Delta VII )

    So with all things considered the Roedale Delta series of Ultralight moderators provide excellent performance gram for gram.

    If you don't consider them quite enough, it is possible to add baffles and adding baffles will provide increased sound reduction.

    If the original poster would like to contact us, we can verify he has the right baffle type and help him to improve the performance.

    ​Regards Pete

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    pm sent petinDE

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