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Thread: An article which I enjoyed...

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    An article which I enjoyed...

    I came across this article while searching for something that I had forgotten by the time I finished reading it.
    Oddly (on both counts) is from GQ and by A.A. Gill.

    Was I right to find it quite thought-provoking, if a little pretentious?

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    I really enjoyed reading that. Great find, and thanks for posting

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    Thanks Dalua, for posting that. I had not expected such glorious prose from A.A.Gill, on this subject. He has managed to collect so many elements of stalking in his story. Thanks, John.

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    An excellent read, thank you for that.

    Although it's made me wish I was there rather than here.


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    Great article from a realy good writer ,thanks for the post

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    I enjoyed that . . very well written and comical in places, a good read. .

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    I'm glad you chaps enjoyed it also.

    The only other thing by AA Gill I've read is a dubious racy novel that I was given by a dubious racy pal in the mid-90s, so this article came as a bit of a surprise!

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    Is that a pro hunter i see in the photograph ?

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    I thought it was a Scout (foldy-away bipod, spare magazine in butt, spaghetti-thin fluted barrel): until I realised that one of the more refreshing parts of the author's outlook was that he wasn't interested in rifles, and immediatedly stopped thinking about it.

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    Great read! I can fully understand how one would get sidetracked with that story. At some point, we all go back to where we came from.

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