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Thread: a nice day out

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    a nice day out

    At a loose end on bank holiday saturday so set off for castle douglas in the early hours with my dog for a morning on the bucks.
    Missed the turning for the forest so didnt get onto the ground until full daylight.
    I saw plenty of roe on the way in and some reds so it looked promising anyway.
    within a few hundred yards of setting off griff pointed a roe buck on the edge of the track, sadly I didnt ID him until it was to late for the shot due to the sun being in my eyes.
    Not long after that I spotted a small group of red hinds on the edge of a clear fell, griff went on point but not on the reds, I spent ages glassing the fell and finally spotted a fox asleep on a small rise 183yds away, I set up the sticks and squeaked it finally it sat up and got a 100gr pill through its chest, I then watched a decent roe buck leap up between me and the fox (80yds away) and bolt into the forest ****.
    The dirty look the dog gave me put me in my place LOL.
    After checking out the fox (a young dog fox) we set off again looking for a decent buck.
    Another 40mins and lot of does later he pointed the 6 pointer in the photo but the buck had seen him I managed a quick shot and he leapt into the air before setting off like a scalded cat, I thought I had hit him low so put the dog onto him straight away and he rolled him over and held him about 20yds before the forest so well pleased.
    When I gralloched him I had clipped his liver and lung so he would have bled out anyway so not to bad a shot.
    This is the first time Ive had the dog out for a couple of months but other than being a bit eager he performed really well, just keeps laming up on his damaged foot if out to long. he also got a couple of antler punctures to his side when he and the buck rolled over together but nothing serious.
    forgot to add, just as I reached the turnoff for the forest a SWB landy came barreling out and shot off, I turned in and the gate was wide open. I noticed tyre tracks on most of the access roads so assumed there had been poachers about, before I left I called the leaseholder and let him know, later that evening I got a call from the castle douglas police (a yorkshire man)and a fellow stalker, it turns out some scumbags had cut off a high security lock and been on and stolen a boat off the loch, so any of you guys with ground up there keep an eye out for a dark blue SWB landrover on your ground.
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    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Thats a lesson in trusting ones dogs nose ..
    "you nae be needing these no more"
    I said as I slipped the knife through the cord

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    I did trust his nose John, just misread it as I thought he was pointing the fox, the buck must have been couched up in a dip with his head down as I glassed every bit of ground from the edge of the track to the forest, thats how I managed to spot the fox.
    could do with him having a different stance for pointing fox, with game its front right foot for birds and back left for rabbits, with deer/fox he barely lifts his front right off the ground!
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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