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Thread: getting deer on FAC

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    getting deer on FAC

    How do you go about requesting Deer on your FAC ? I have land with Deer but orriginally only asked for fox as was my first CF, well Ive been out a few times with my mentor and I asked him about it, He says just ask them to add it. I can then go stalking with him on the land we both have permission on and shoot one myself as he shows me the ropes

    Both him and our other mates who shoot there never did DSC but both are experienced stalkers having stalked around the country. They told me don't bother with it and just argue with the FEO to add them on

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    Best thing to do is call your FEO and explain your circumstances and what you want. From what you say it should be fairly straightforward. They aren't there to be difficult and if you play nice and have you written permissions ready to hand so there's nothing much to sort out they could do it within a week.

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    Can't see you'll have a problem if youve got an eperienced stalker to act as a mentor DSC shouldn't come into it.It worked for me, 3 months of mentorship and i was signed off and had my licence opened,we were going out a couple of times a week though,i'll do my DSC one day when i can.
    ATB Neil

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    Try getting a letter from the land owner saying that he/she would like you to control the deer. To my understanding that should be enough.

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    thanks guys I intend to go get a letter from the land owner stating I am specifically allowed to stalk the deer 8) hopefully be enough

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    Bigthug i would word it control rather than stalk,sounds more necessary than pleasure,should do the job ok,good luck anyway.

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    you can also get your mentor to write up a letter, stating youve been out stalkin with him for x amount of months, an that they are please with the way you stalk,that you are able to reconise different types of deer ( if you have different types around) , knew what deer needed culling , etc

    it all helps

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