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Thread: many can you name?

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    As Moderators have take the rifle world by storm over the past 15 years or so I thought it was time to compile a list.

    So how many moderators (fullbore only) can you name...?

    Please refrain from telling us how good or crap your mod is...Please just list the brand name

    1) Vaime (Thats about as far back as I can remember )
    Grampian Guns (RFD)
    Independant Moderator / Supressor Suppliers
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    2) T8 ( thought I'd get the difficult one named first!)

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    Is this an advertising ploy or a game Remmy, if so what's the prize?

    Whatever here's my entry :

    1. Wildcat.
    2. Ase Ultra
    3. Jet-Z
    4. Lawrence precision.
    5. Reflex
    6. One less charlie
    7. Roedale precission.
    8. Grampian guns (read your by line).
    9. Trident.
    10. Dragon (nearly forgot the local one).

    That,s all I can think of off the top of my head but if I cheated and looked on the internet I'm sure that I will come up with at least a dozen more. Like you say 15 years ago nobody used them and you would be strugling to name but one, now everyone seems to make them.
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    third eye tactical

    ​To add a few more

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    Are you looking for manufacturers or model names? Of the already mentioned:

    - Ase-Utra (not Ultra) is a manufacturer with e.g. models:
    -- Jet-Z
    -- S series (Sx and SLx, x being a number 3-7 at least)
    -- Northstar (marketed as better made BR-Tuote Reflex)

    - BR-Tuote is a manufacturer (although Ase-Utra at least used to actually manufacture their products before creating their own brand) with e.g. models:
    -- Reflex (T8 etc.) in many configurations up to machine guns and 50BMG
    -- front mounted moderators for pistols and rifles (varying model names)

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    lawrence precision

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    2 old ones, Valemco and Husher.

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