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Thread: Swapping a Banteng for a Tahr and Chamois hunt

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    Swapping a Banteng for a Tahr and Chamois hunt

    I thought I would share a swap hunting experience.

    Last year I traveled to Europe and Australia to hunt with people who I have swapped hunting adventures with. This video is from my trip. My Austrian and English hunting was fantastic, and I have also had fantastic hunts in NZ with the people who I hunted with over there.

    On my way home to New Zealand I stopped in Darwin and went out hunting with a guy for Banteng (the last part of the vid). What a different and cool experience!

    And last week, Georgie came to NZ and hunted Tahr, Chamois, Pigs and Deer with me. He was only here 10 days and took some fantastic trophies... he had some seriously good luck and worked hard for them!

    Here is a film about his trip
    <a href=";"> thanks

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    Cracking James really enjoyed that right up to the bit in austria that looking seriously high ....too high for me mate .
    Nice vids cheers

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    Wow James, congratulations on some funtastic swap hunts!
    Not only the results look perfect, the scenery around and the friendship you earned, thats what swap hunts are about, right?!!

    I have watched a few vids from NZ, thats definetively a place to go for..... But its sooo far away...
    I have to go there one day in the future, hopefully on such a perfect swap hunt, as you did...!
    Atb, keep rolling!

    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Awesome videos, what an adventure!

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    I'm doing a swap hunt next may in New Zealand. I hope it as good as the one shown in your vid! The Kiwis are coming here in October/november for (hopefully) a couple of roe bucks, reds in Scotland, Sika in Dorset, fallow in Hampshire and munties and CWD in Norfolk.

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    Good luck with your hunt in New Zealand Pip. I look forward to a report!


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