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Thread: Replacement Trigger Remington 700

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    Replacement Trigger Remington 700

    I have a Remington 700 in .270 and I am considering replacing the trigger. I have read a lot about the Jewell trigger and how good it is and have also read that the timoney and shilen triggers are also worth looking at. I'd appreciate any advice and experience with these triggers.

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    I have timney's fitted to both my remmys, I personally think they great triggers, and for not as much money as the jewell,

    would recommend

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    Jewell is worth every penny

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    Hi, I have a Jewell Trigger on my Remington 700, cant fault it, easy to fit after a small amount of work with the dremmel,
    i would say that it transformed the rifle
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    I put a Timny on my Parker Hale 270. Had it sent from U.S. half the price of U.K. great trigger.

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    Jewell without a shadow of a doubt is the best. It is also an investment. 15 years ago I bought my first one, on a recent trip to a gunsmith I mentioned I had a spare one, he instantly said he would give me the money what I paid for it. I refused his offer and think its best just to have a spare for piece of mind. I think if you buy anything other than a jewel you will always wish you had bought a Jewell

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    I have a jewell on one of mine, and I would not buy anything else now. Also have one coming on my next rifle.

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    got one on my .223, my AR15, .308 and now the 7mm.
    tried others but ....

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    jewel full stop

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    had a jewel in my winchester they are great. imo not keen on the thin trigger blade of them though

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