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Thread: CHEAP Cheap Buffallo hunt.

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    CHEAP Cheap Buffallo hunt.

    Hi All

    I am currently in South Africa hunting and we got a call last night from one of our land owners who has some Buffalo Cows available to take off.

    Cost is £2,900 full board for the week including one Buff each. I have space for arrival on the 22nd June until the 29th June. Could also make arrangements earlier if hunters can get here in time.

    Guys, these are moving fast so I can only confirm availability with firm interest. Suitable guns are available for use here, if you don't currently own a big calibre

    I am not constantly connected to the internet so either contact Adam or myself through email or on our mobiles.


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    I am flying out from London to do this hunt, leaving on the 10th June and arriving in Johannesburg on the morning of 11th June - if anyone wants to travel out with me, there is space at the lodge between 11th and 16th June and you can share my transfer.

    As with all RSA hunts, all trophies are exportable once they have been dipped and packed by a licensed taxidermist. The buffalo are on a 7,000 acre property and all hunting will be 'spot and stalk' on foot.

    If youare interested, give me a ring on 07977 905552.


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    Kiri which įrea in South Africa?

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    Louis, the buff are in the free state. Near Bloemfontein


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