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Thread: red antlers

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    red antlers

    I've just got back from hiking in the High Tatras in slovakia, we spent most of our time in the national park, which was simply stunning.
    while there i had a look at the small museam and found this, the numbers are the age, and they were found from 1993 to 1999.

    unfortunately the description didn't say how they were obtained or even if they are from the same deer.
    just thought people would find it interesting.
    Regards mjjl

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    They look like they are from the same animal to me? Must have been a park deer to have managed to collect the whole set. I assume it lived to 17 as the last set is complete with the mount!!
    Quite some age for a Red which would again indicate a captive deer eating soft non-tooth wearing food. I've heard of on almost twice that age that finished its days eating porridge as it had no teeth left!!

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    That board would do well on e-bay!

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    Not all that old for a captive deer, hill reds live up to 14 years

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