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Thread: taking guns/ammo abroad

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    taking guns/ammo abroad

    hi guy's, I,m going on a hunting trip to finland with my mate and neither of us have taken rifles and ammo abroad before, so what do we need to put in place. I,.e. does the rifle/ammo need too be in a locking case, do you carry bolts separate? what paperwork would we need.
    any help would be great as we are clueless lol
    cheers stav
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    paperwork hunting liscence will be done with your guide and on the rifle ammo side rifle in a secure hard case i put everything with the rifle like bins knife and stuff so i freed up weight in my luggage bolt and ammo together in another box ammo amount is usually 5 kilo but you will need to check with the airline, not sure if you are booking your flight or it is in with your package so if its you airline will need notifying in advance you are carrying fireams ,atb wayne
    ps carry cert and european firearms pass unless going further afield
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    I am surprised, I sent an email to Suffolk firearms dept the other day and my European Firearms Pass turned up in the post today. Brilliant service, never realised it would be so easy and free!

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    Easy buddy less of the free,soon these fees will be going up.

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