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Thread: Lightforce lamp

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    Lightforce lamp

    Just found some Osram 90Watt vertical filament capsule bulbs for replacement / spares for my Lightforce foxing lamp, I was told 100 Watt are no longer made,? anyone else know if this is correct,?

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    Now that's a coincidence as I've just brought a pack of Osram 12v 100w Xenophot lamps for my Lightforce Blitz 240 & they are sat on my desk as we speak.

    Contact BG Lamps & Lighting on 01726 69552, I ordered on Friday & they arrived on Monday, great service & cheaper than anyone else I found. 12.50 from Deben I paid 3.26 each with free delivery.


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    Many thanks for the heads up!, Steve.

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