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Thread: Case damage! any ideas

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    Case damage! any ideas

    Hi all, i have just brought a remmi thumb lam stock in 204, now the problem is when cycling a round into breach its fine the close bolt and it goes stiff not much but enough, it also puts 2 scratches down the case, this wouldnt be a problem but i'm going to home load with nosler custom brass and dont want to bugger every case on the first shot! i hope the pictures show well enough the problem i'm having! would appreciate your views on this problem!!.

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    Thanks stu

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    Looks like the extratactor's not riding over the rim properly. Never seen this before in a rifle? Take it back and moan. Old rifle? Take it to a 'smith who knows what they are doing. Should just be a bit of fiddling or a new extractor.

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    yes new rifle! have spoke to shop and he has contacted edgar bros so just hurry up and wait!

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    scratches down the case are from the lips on the mag I would guess.
    I get similar on a .222 BRNO

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    it not from the mag lips i manually load each round into chamber!

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedystu View Post
    it not from the mag lips i manually load each round into chamber!
    then you need to clean or polish the chamber as they can only come from riding over something as they go in

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    Try loading mag to one less round this should stop it happening

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    Extractor claws not going over the rim properly. That would also explain the bolt going "stiff".
    I had same with .243 just after I bought it, when I was mucking about with some empty cases just to get the feel of the thing, before putting live rounds through. Ended up with one stuck in the breech, and had to knock it out from the other end with cleaning rod. Nothing was wrong with the rifle at all, just the cases! Blown out a bit at the shoulder, so very tight fit and not slipping fully home.
    A very helpful chap off this site sent me a few re-sized cases to play with, and no more probs. That put my mind at rest, and of course it's subsequently been fine with live rounds.
    If your ammo is reloads, then perhaps you should size the cases down a bit more in future? Or if factory ammo, try a different brand.

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    If that's a new rifle then it's simply the poor Q/C.

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    The mark along the case is probaly where it goes up feed ramp into the chamber,the case rim damage is because the case rim are several fow bigger than standard and there isn't enough room for the ejector in the bolt face,if you get a different case to try hopefully this will be you prob,I had this with my tikka 695 when I bought some whetherby cases,atb Swarovski

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