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    Hi All,
    Longlowdog joining the club. Called Longlowdog because I was once owned by a Teckel.
    I'm a recreational stalker of roe deer at home with a couple of days at woodland reds each year. I'm a farmer (sheep) and I'm about to take my first trip to France after the boar. Hopefully I'll be able to learn a lot and contribute a little of my own experience. I've had a fair number of stalking rifles and some target experience and I'm a keen reloader.
    Regards, Longlowdog.

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    welcome on in!, & good choice of dog! Steve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by longlowdog
    Hi All,
    Longlowdog joining the club. Called Longlowdog because I was once owned by a Teckel.
    I know the feeling! Welcome, enjoy.

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    Welcome! I'm a sheep farmer/ deer stalker too, I'm up studying agriculture in aberdeen at the moment! This is an awesome site theres some great guys on here! Ross

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    I've just read the rules for new members that say you have to detail experience, cals used and such so here we go.
    40ish, stalked for twenty years, used .270sako, 25-06 zoli, 22rf, 17rf, .222 bsa and just got sauer mod 90 in 7x64. Been a member of B.D.S for twenty years including being on committee and helping with D.S.C training days.
    I like target shooting (6.5-284 and 6mmppc) and think homeloading is a relaxing pastime.
    I keep working spaniels. Used to have labs and a teckel.
    There, hopefully suficient detail to prove I'm not an internet troll.

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    Welcome to the forum mate. Where in Aberdeenshire are you ?. Im just down in Stony.


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