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Thread: Bass Pro Military discount

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    Bass Pro Military discount

    Just a quick heads up for the serving Military guys on here. I have just got back from Orlando, Florida and had a Bass Pro shop only a couple of miles from my hotel. I was after a Leupold 1000i range finder amongst other things. 350 British but only $350 + 6.5% tax = 248 British.

    First visit I spoke to the salesperson and was told that they don't do military discount for British Soldiers but US soldiers get 10%.
    Second visit I tried again and was told by another salesperson that they don't do military discount on Optics.

    Really I thought, these lot don't know what they're doing as this wasn't mentioned by the first salesperson. I KNEW that they didn't know what they were doing when I looked down and in the cabinet was a Z6 5-25 mag scope advertised as a 6x magnification scope?

    Undeterred I decided to email the manager who emailed me back to say that that he would give me the 10% discount as long as I bought it by the 22nd of the month (they only do Military discount between 15th & 22 of each month).
    Back I went and purchased my new range finder for 223 total saving myself 127.

    So Military guys, if you're off to the USA and are going to be near a Bass Pro shop do email the manager before you go and get your letter confirming your 10% Military discount because without this confirmation you're probably not going to get it.

    Regards Baguio

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    Might depend on the proximity to military facility and the frequency of Brit Mil visitors. I was doing some work at Luke AFB, Phoenix, Az. BassPro was just down the road and they were very forward-leaning in offering a mil discount.

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    You could be right? Certainly Phoenix was getting a lot of British Military up until 3 years ago when the Apache's moved to California. Did Cabela's off it too?

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    So firstly bass shop pro is my fav shop, I've been raving about it for the last 6 years since I went last however I seem to think it has just got better. My next step is checking flights to America to go on a shopping spree

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