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Thread: 22 hornet de lux die set

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    22 hornet de lux die set

    Hi I have a spare Lee delux die set in 22 hornet. Full length sizer/de caper, neck sizer /de caper and bullet seating die. its missing the shell holder.
    loking for 20 posted

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    Interested, PM sent.

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    Clear your PM's

    Not yet received the dies any chance you could get in touch please.

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    Thanks for getting back to me in super quick time. Looking forward to getting the dies to put them to good use.

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    Tam my wife posted the dies via royal mail on monday afternoon. If they dont turn up by friday let me know and I will chase them up

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    That's magic thanks again Multiman you have helped me no end with the 22 Hornet. Hope to put the dies to good use when I get them.

    ​Thanks once again.

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    Multiman, got the dies today thank you very much.

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    Glad they arrived i was starting to think they were on a tour of the Uk curtesey of royal mail!!

    Glad you are happy with them.

    What powder are you using? I have recently bought another Hornet a lovely old BRNO in good condition Ive been using LilGun for hunting and experimenting with AA5744 for gas checked lead bullets for range work. been getting good results.

    Anyway enjoy the Hornet I think its a wonderfull round

    ATB Multiman

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    I am using Lilgun to good effect, with 45gr SP achieving clover leaf groups out of my CZ 527. Shoots very well.

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