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Thread: Hi from Oz !

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    Hi from Oz !

    Guys - Andy is my name and I live in Tasmania - the little triangular state - bottom right- underneath mainland Australia. You know the place you sent all your convicts !

    In short I have convict in my blood and now own a shack right on Eagle Hawk Neck itself - just up from Port Arthur - in fact the old Commandants foundations are on our block and I killed a large Tiger Snake a few summers ago resting it's head on one of the sand stone bricks that would have been the front door area - this faces our back door and so was a little too close for comfort.

    My JR - Paris - is the current custodial dog to the " dog line " at this spot Eagle Hawk Neck - in the day a dozen or so dogs lined the thin " neck " of land and were placed on floating rafts nearby in a tidal bay. She grumbles and barks at anyone she considers on her " Neck ". I laugh as well as the tourists !

    Back to hunting - Tasmania boasts Australia's best herd of wild Fallow Deer and probably that of the Sth Pacific - I hunt a lot of private property and some state forest as well. We can only hunt the month of March ( pre Rut ) and have a doe season in May and June. Half our state split roughly down the middle are black in colour while to the west of this line animals are predominately of red coloration with the white spots.

    I also write for 2 magazines over here and am writing a book on fishing around Tasmania and another on Fallow Deer in Tasmania.

    I shot my first buck when I was 15 with a Parker Hale Safari in .308 and a Pecar scope in heavy twighlight. After the muzzle flash had settled I could see long antlers attached to a black body sticking up out of the grass. I will never forget this.

    I have hunted Rusa deer in New Caledonia when I was 20 - the twentieth anniversary being in August this year and the " plains game " in Africa in 1998 - I took my Rem 700 in .25/06 on this trip with 120 grn Speer handloads.

    Presently - I am hoping to get out for a hunt chasing my Doe thes season having been open now for 3 weeks - culling will begin shortly as well and the private properties I hunt will issue cull tags for Does as well.

    My passion at the moment is Sambar deer found in the mainland states of Victoria and New South Wales - not that I need to but I use a .338WM on these large deer - my partner uses her .308win with good 150 grn TTSX handloads for these animals.

    Anyway that's me - and I forgot to say that I am an optics buff - my father is a firearms dealer here for near 20 years now - after retiring from his Govt job - so I get to compare a lot of different optics etc.

    Thanks for taking me on board and I am keen to see and read all about everyone's hunting adventures.



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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    great intro Andy, welcome to the site mate
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Thanks guys - Ive been taking a look around and a lot of your stalking is similar to ours - fallow bucks enter crop and open paddock with only minutes of light left and leave when the morning star is just starting to fade - good optics the key.

    Also our vermin control here revolves a lot around wallaby culling - I choose to do this by sit and wait hunting on dusk and sniping out to 350m or so. Again great practice for the deer season, awesome for relaxing in the bush after work and they make great patties !



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