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Thread: recommend me a decent sausage stuffer.

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    recommend me a decent sausage stuffer.

    After a gruelling ordeal using my kenwood chef to stuff sausages I've decided I need something a bit better, what can you guys recommend, been looking at the 5ltr horizontal and vertical ones, is there any advantage using the vertical ones, see they cost more, want something of reasonable quality that's going to last probably up to 300.
    Cheers Neil.

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    Got a vertical one years ago - I think from Weschenfelder - but cant see it listed on link page above. From memory it was circa 70 and has done everything one could morally ( ) ask a stuffer to do!

    Using the mincer unit is never a great success - so much worthwhile getting the right kit. used to be a good resource for gear & gadget recommendations.
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    Cheers guys those are the ones I've been looking at,is the vertical type easier to use and are the stainless ones worth the extra money over the carbon steel sided ones,i like the idea of all stainless want something that's going to last.

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    I use an 8kg Reber which is professional quality and built to last:

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    I have got a buffalo 5kg catering which is easy to clean and profesional built

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    You should notice that the horizontals are smaller volume than the verticals. More aimed at the usage than anything else. I can't justify 5 Kg of making in a singe shot and find horizontal "small" is OK.


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    Bit of a thread hijack - apologies Dawnraider. Those of you who have dedicated stuffers, can you do it all on your own - e.g. turn the handle and manage to pull off the skins. I currently use a hand mincer as a stuffer (blade removed and an electric mincer for the actual mincing) but find it's a two person job.

    ​Maybe I've just not done enough to get the knack...
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    Tom, if it's a pressure filler, as in you 'seal' the sausage meat inside then create pressure either by hand cranking or an electric motor it should be a one person job.
    If it's gravity fed, as in you feed the meat in a hole a bit at a time as well as cranking it can be blinking awkward and often easier with 2 people. Some of the electric powered gravity ones (mincer with sausage tube attachment) can be done by one person.
    If you are making anything more than very rarely and small amounts go for a pressure filler.

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    Tom,I really struggled with the kenwood ,I started off on my own but wasn't long before I had the wife filling the tray and hanging on the back to hold it still plus the feeder kept getting stuck with suction and air was getting through,think I've narrowed it down to a 5ltr trespade or the reber,F .dick are supposed to be good but seem to be an american thing,struggled to find any rebers as well,so I will probably go for the trespade vertical,now for a burger machine .

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