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Thread: Mod cleaning

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    Mod cleaning

    I have an A Tec maxim mod on my 243, can anyone tell me how often they clean them.
    Thanks Brian

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    not an Atec
    but i clean mine after every 20 or so shots

    keeps its strippable,

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    I clean my A-tec,using the ultra-sonic, after every use. Depending on how many shots you have fired up to now, you might have a hell of a job being able to strip it at all. I also take out the mounting spigot, as I use the same mod on two differently threaded rifles. I would also recommend, making sure that the baffles always go back in the same order, as they are prone to gas cutting and if you swap them about they'll all wear out at the same time. I also couldn't find an Allen key to fit the front cover so had to grind a bigger one down to fit.
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    Gunner, how much was the spare spigot if you recall? I have the same thread issue.

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    It was 25, from Swillington Shooting Supplies in Leeds. For the same price, they sell spare baffles as well.

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    Never quite sure why there seems to be an entrenched view opposing cleaning rifle barrels, but the opposite with poor old moderators.

    Brand new Atec Maxim -4 off shelf and on desk in front of me now. The enclosed instructions have this to say -


    Remove sound mod after each shooting session..... allows condensation.... to disperse. Keep barrel thread clean and lightly greased.

    Otherwise, Maxim sound mods are practically maintenance free. Due to advanced design, high internal operating temp... largely self cleaning. Any solid impurities... can be shaken out. Washing with liquids or solvents is not recommended.

    That's all folks! ( dots indicate editing out of filler wording )

    Fully appreciate issues such as changing spigots and admit I change engine oil more frequently than Toyota advise - so no slave to instructions etc. But I do believe a lot of moderators get 'over fiddled with'. Particularly models with aluminium outers and threads on the joint areas - aluminium will only take so much mechanical wear before things risk losening up.

    Its your gear and everyone entitled to make their own choices about their property, but do keep in mind there is an alternate option to full strip and clean.
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    And I think mine sounds better when it's good and mucky anyway (Ase Utra).

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    After only 10 rounds, my mod stinks of Sulphur Dioxide. Mixed with water, this turns into Sulphuric Acid, I think this accounts for the stories of Mods rotting away after only a few hundred shots. As I said, I change over the spigots so have to keep the bottom half clean so I may as well do the other bit as well. If you don't clean it, this quickly changes to CAN'T clean it. The other point is that I have no qualms about storing my rifle with the mod fitted, I once drove up to Scotland to find that I'd left my mod on top of the gun cabinet in Yorkshire!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gunner269 View Post
    It was 25, from Swillington Shooting Supplies in Leeds. For the same price, they sell spare baffles as well.
    Thanks chap.

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