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Thread: Air rifle custom shop / tune up

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    Air rifle custom shop / tune up

    GuysA while back on here there was a thread about a place in the midlands might have been
    Shropshire area about a custom shop that specialises in air rifles
    I bought an s410 extra fac about three months ago as new but the bloke had fired about
    Half a tin of pellets in four years
    I'm just wondering if the seals washers etc could do with a change through non use
    And a tune up to get it running at its optimum performance
    Just wondered if anybody has got contact details of the place
    Or any places in the south west people have used

    Regards pete

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    Hello Pete.

    I had a similar issue with my S410 that had laid unused for an extended period. After looking around my area for a set up that could service, and which proved difficult, I contacted Air Arms in Hailsham, directly, and arranged for the barrel, and action ( minus scope and mod ) to go back to them for servicing.

    They were very friendly, and their customer service was superb, and after replacing seals, pressure testing in their `bath`, cleaning barrel, and giving everything else a good clean, it was returned within 7 days, and has been flawless ever since.

    Appreciating , time, cost, and hassle, it was definitely theright decision for me to use the manufacturer.

    Good luck.


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    Hi try Bond Guns, works from H/A in Bridgewater , has a web site and gives a bit of discount if you are in Air Arms owners club PM me if you want Tel N0.

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    Bond Gun Accessories Ltd Bridgewater

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    I have a Falcon FN19 PCP that i got 2nd hand

    I bought a set of seals on eBay for 7
    set of allen keys later and it was stripped cleaned and resealed throughout.
    you will find schematics and "how to" links online and could do that on the kitchen table
    it is really not that complex

    good way of learning how it works and fixing it yourself in the process

    in fact here is one:

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    you could try richard pope in bromsgrove. he works on all things. rifle.air rifle and shotgun.

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    Thanks for the replys guys will follow these up
    ​regards pete

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    I have a old 410 that never gets used from one years end to another , the secret I think is keeping it with a air charge in it , never loses charge and not a big deal to reseal .
    AAOC good site for info .


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